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Since 2010, Altus Infusion has been partnering with physicians to provide comprehensive infusion therapy services in their offices, ensuring the best standard of care at the point of service to patients. In-office infusion therapy allows patients to receive their treatment in a comfortable, convenient, and familiar environment under the supervision of their trusted healthcare team. Healthcare providers benefit from increased patient management, interaction , and education— all of which can strengthen the provider-patient relationship and patient outcomes.


Our team of highly qualified experts strives to provide physician practices with the tools and resources needed to ensure all patients have access to affordable, quality treatment. From clinical care, contracting, billing and reimbursement to staffing, we work to remain at the forefront of in-office infusion therapy delivery. Through our partnerships with physicians , we provide:


At Altus Infusion , we are committed to improving access, quality , and affordability of care for all patients. We believe in the motto: “treat each patient like family.” To learn more about our services, contact Brady Clark at 817.832.9559 or bclark@altushealthsystem.com.